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How to pay for a new roof in Toledo, OH

Planned or unexpected, the need for a new roof or a repair of it can represent a significant home investment, but it can be worth it since a roof helps protect your home and everything inside it. 

We advise you to explore all financing options to help with their purchase. 

Salgau Roofing accept cash, checks, major credit cards and also offer solution for financing. 

After all, it helps break the financial investment into smaller monthly payments. 

The good news is that it's never been more convenient and straightforward to secure homeowner-friendly financing for your upcoming roof project.

Our financing procedure is:

  • EASY

Financing is available only for the residential roof, either if is a asphalt shingle roof, flat/low slope roof, EPDM (rubber) roof, slate roof, ceramic tiles roof, coating roof or small repairs like: flashing for chimney/pipes, downspouts repair, chimney repair, 

Financing Steps

1. Request a quote from Salgau Roofing 

2. Should you choose to accept our quote, please, sign it, following the instructions and return it via email, fax or mail to Salgau Roofing

3. Then you can APPLY for financing:

     a) through our website: click the button for Financing below - or-

     b) set up an appointment at our office and you can apply in our office

4. If Service Finance Company will approve your application you will sign the loan files, via email or via their website

5. Salgau Roofing we will schedule your project after you will sign the loan documentation. Salgau Roofing will contact you a day prior we will start your project.

6. After Salgau Roofing will finish your project, Salgau Roofing will contact the Service Finance Company to pay for the job done.

Apply for Financing